Step-by-step Instructions

In this section of the user guide you can find detailed information on how to use the TargomoLOOP platform.

  • The subsection titled Loop Dashboard guides you through the functionalities of the dashboard as an administrator as well as a regular user.
  • The Layout and Design part explains you the layout of the application and highlights the most important buttons in the application window.
  • Read about the settings of projects in detail in the Project Settings subsection.
  • If you want to know the precise way of how to upload your own data to the platform please refer to the Uploading Data subsection.
  • The part titled Locations shows you how to add, edit and move a location.
  • The Location Layers subsection explains you how to manage, optimize and merge your layers.

If just want to have a quick insight into what our platform is capable of you can read the Getting Started part of this website.

Loop Dashboard

Layout and Design

Project Settings

Data Upload


Location Layers