How to attribute

It is a legal requirement to attribute the organizations and/or data sources mentioned on this page when making use of our software. To learn more, have a look at our terms & conditions.

All out-of-the-box API plans require you to attribute us. This is how you do it:

On a free plan, you are required to provide both our logo, and a link to this attribution page.

You can embed this in your web app with this line of HTML code:
<iframe src="" width="280" height="100"></iframe>

On a basic, pro or advanced plan, you are only required to provide a link to this attribution page.

Include this in your web app with a simple anchor tag:
<a href="">Travel time analyses performed by Targomo.</a>

Or you can embed it like this:
<iframe src="" width="280" height="40"></iframe>

Contact us in case you are interested in a customized solution that does not require attribution.

Targomo services attribution

Travel time analyses performed by Targomo.

General attribution

OpenStreetMap © OpenStreetMap contributors

Targomo's analyses use OpenStreetMap data, and fall into the "derivative work" category of OSM use.


Targomo's basemaps are generated from OpenStreetMap data and are also © OpenStreetMap contributors

Select basemap styles are direct implementations of - or derived from - the OpenMapTiles project (© OpenMapTiles).

Endpoint: Africa and Middle-East
GTFS Transit data

Endpoint: Australia & Oceania
GTFS Transit data

Endpoint: British Isles
GTFS Transit data

Endpoint: Central America
GTFS Transit data

Endpoint: Eastern Europe
GTFS Transit data

Endpoint: North America
GTFS Transit data

Endpoint: South America
GTFS Transit data

Endpoint: West-Central Europe
GTFS Transit data