Points of Interest

There are many situations where you might need to find a certain point of interest, a.k.a. POI, near you. Whether you want to get some cash or you need to fill your car with gas, our points of interest service will help you!

Using this service you could, for example, show all the bars around a certain location which are reachable within 15 minutes by foot. Display the results on a map, and it will give you an easy to understand idea of what is going on around your location.

Without displaying the results on a map, you can also simply list the reachable points of interest like this. Just like we implemented it in LOOP

Of course, besides the locations of the POI’s, we also include the exact travel times to each individual location in the results.

One more thing, all POIs that are defined by a polygon, like parks or large buildings, are simplified to the centroid of that polygon.

warningThe point of interest service is currently limited by plan level. Check our plans for details.

Data sources

We have imported the planet OpenStreetMaps file into Overpass so we can quickly query POI data everywhere. The data gets updated every minute, so feel free to edit OpenStreetMaps!

In case you wish to include custom data sources, then please contact us and we will make it happen for you.


How to use the Points of Interest service with Mapbox