Fleetplanner Scenarios

Scenario 1: Locations.

In this scenario, the German chancellor is planning to visit different ministries in Berlin. We can select which ministries we want to visit, and for how long we want to visit them. Furthermore, we can move our start location and choose our preferred method of transport. The fleetplanner service calculates the optimal single tour to all selected ministries.

Scenario 2: Time constraints.

How many vehicles do we need to deliver all cakes on time?

This demo for the fleetplanner service tells the story of a bakery which has to deliver delicious cakes to Paris’ best hotels before lunch. In this scenario, vehicles are only allowed to deliver cakes within their specified working hours. Alongside that, we need to consider the varying opening hours of the hotels in which the cakes can be handed over. Finally, in case it is not possible to deliver all cakes on time, some hotels might have a higher priority than others. This means that if we have to decide between delivering on time for 1 out of 2 or more hotels, the hotels with a higher priority will be chosen over the others.

Our fleetplanner service keeps all of these constraints in mind while calculating the optimal tours.

Scenario 3: Load and vehicle constraints.

In this fictional demo scenario, Targomagic has to make some special deliveries of its magical items. Some orders, however, require special equipment to be delivered to its customers! It is possible for orders to have specific demands for their delivery, for example, the goblins’ treasure needs secured transportation. So in order to deliver this order, we must to have an available vehicle which supplies this ‘secured transport’ characteristic.

Besides these delivery demands and supplies, orders also have certain weight, volume or other load capacity characteristics. Of course our fleetplanner service can also take these characteristics into account, making sure vehicles will not get overloaded. In this demo scenario, one of the ordered items will never be deliverable, because none of the vehicles are able to carry the high load of this item!