3,000 operations / month

30 min. max. routing time

Get to know our powerful API features for occasional and non- commercial reachability scenarios


50€ / month

15,000 operations / month

1 hour max. routing time

Scale up your interactive visualizations, use them for commercial use-cases and rely on our support


150€ / month

50,000 operations / month

2 hour max. routing time

Customize your beautiful polygon visualizations and make use of long-distance routing options


300€ / month

150,000 operations / month

4 hour max. routing time

Answer large scale requests for complex reachability questions and use your application for non-public and/or paid-use scenarios

Customized Solution

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Caching of Requests

boost your performance by storing API results on your system

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On-Premises Solution

Host our services on your infrastructure

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White-Label Solution

promote Targomo's services as your own

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Turn it up to 11

Get more sources/targets, longer times, or other special configurations

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